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Templar by Mechner Pham Puvilland cover image

Templar by Mechner, Pham, Puvilland

“Martin is one of a handful of Templar Knights to escape when the king of France and the pope conspire to destroy the noble order. The king aims to frame the Templars for heresy, execute all of them, and make off with their legendary treasure. That’s the plan, anyway, but Martin and several other surviving knights mount a counter-campaign to regain the lost treasure of the Knights Templar (from the publisher’s site, which has a cool preview).”

Visit author Jordan Mechner, illustrators LeUyen Pham and Alex Pullivand on the web.

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Bandette by Tobin & Coover cover image

Bandette by Tobin & Coover

“The world’s greatest thief is a costumed teen burglar in swinging Paris by the nome d’arte of Bandette! Gleefully plying her skills on either side of the law, Bandette is a thorn in the sides of both police inspector Belgique and the criminal underworld. But it’s not all breaking hearts and purloining masterpieces when a rival thief discovers that an international criminal organization wants Bandette dead! This beautiful hardcover includes the first arc, tales of Bandette’s street urchin helpers by guest artists, an original illustrated story, and more (from the publisher’s site)!”

Visit Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin on the web.

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El Deafo by Cece Bell cover

El Deafo by Cece Bell

El Deafo is a wonderful graphic memoir loosely based upon the author’s own experience moving from a school for the deaf to a public school classroom. This has proved to be a little tricky, especially because her teacher keeps forgetting to turn his microphone off so she can hear him EVERYWHERE- when he’s getting lunch, when he’s talking to other teachers, even in the bathroom. It’s also tricky because she has to make new friends, and this year she has one quest: find the perfect friend.
There’s plenty in this book for anyone who has ever felt different to relate to (isn’t that most of us?) and an equal amount for everyone who has ever wondered what it means to be a friend.

Visit the publisher’s page and the author Cece Bell.

Listen to an interview with Cece Bell.

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