Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find out passwords?

Passwords are needed for our subscription resources. If you have a email & Google account you can access our cheat sheet here.

If you are logged in to your Thetford Academy Google account and still can’t access the password document please email us. There can be problems with the set-up of your account that we will need to fix. In the meantime, we can send you the info directly. 

To upgrade your EasyBib account to premium you simply need to log in at least once from on campus. We strongly recommend using your gmail account for your EasyBib account.

Please don’t share passwords outside the Thetford Academy community. 

How do I print in the library?

There are three printers in the library and one photocopier that you may use. 

One black & white printer is called talibraryprinter and is located by the main door. The printer next to it is called ta-color-printer (it’s the tall one). Please try to use the black-and-white printer for papers and use the color printer only when you need color. The pages cost about 12 cents each to print. That can really add up!

The photocopier is good for small jobs (when you don’t have to print 20 copies) or single pages. It can do double-sided copies, but you will probably need to ask a library staffer to learn how. We have it so you can photocopy pages from books and encyclopedias when you only need a few pages (your backpack will be much lighter!).

The other black-and-white printer is in the Lab. It is called– you guessed it!– talabprinter.

You can find out how to set these printers up on your own laptops from the TA tech department.


I want to recommend or request a book!

Yay! We love to hear your recommendations for purchases and will do our best to fill your requests. Please fill out this form (requires login). 

If you need a specific book for a research paper, please see our Inter-Library Loan info, below.

How do I use Inter-library Loan?
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